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Gibu 3 hydropower plant in Ethiopia

Release Time:2021-07-15 08:39:10 Views:958

Gibu 3 hydropower plant in Ethiopia

Project name: Gibuii Ⅲ hydropower plant power supply

Project Location: Ethiopia

Project Period: Jan 2009 to Aug 2009

Description: Gibu Ⅲ is the biggest hydropower plant in Ethiopia and the capacity reached 187MW, The civil construction part is contracted by Italian company SANILI, and the generator set is provided and constructed by Dongfang Electric of China. SEG, as the construction power supplier and supporter of SANILI, We  upgraded the existing power station according to the energy needed for construction and the nearby power supply. In addition, a local diesel generation station is setted up to provide energy for the construction of the hydropower plant, and the dual power supply is realized to solve the problem of power supply for the  construction.