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Christa Hydropower Plant

Release Time:2021-07-12 08:36:51 Views:824

Christa Hydropower Plant

Project name: Christa Hydropower Station, Albania

Project Location: Pogradec, Albania

Project Period: Jan 2013 to Dec 2013

Description: Albania is located in south-eastern Europe, Nearby Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, there with a very rich water resources and this is the source for hydroelectric power, the government is encouraging private investment in power plant, Christa hydropower station is private invested and the capacity is 4MW, SEG Provided the engineering for this project, Besides, we provided all the power equipment except generator, but including MV switchgear, power transformer, outdoor high voltage circuit breaker, CTs&VTs, Disconnector, etc., Meanwhile, we provided the products for overhead line such as glass insulators, ACSR, OPGW and Fittings. The civil work has been done by the local company according to our design.After that ,our engineer went to site to supervision the installation  and tested all the equipements before generate electricity.